A typical small village
Small scale agriculture
though unvialbe is part of
local socio-economic
Chairman's Message
Panghumas Orchards
Shimla HIlls, Nandpur, H.P.
INDIA  PIN -171206
While the experts make up their minds, let's look around us. The hill slopes on which people couldn't
dare to stand straight are now under extensive Apple cultivation. Thanks to the hard work of local farmers.
The hard work brought economic revolution of immense proportions to the hill folks that catapulted the
rural communities to financial self-sufficiency.

In our endeavor to achieve economic and social success we abused the fragile eco system of the hills
with pesticides, fertilizers, unscrupulous felling of forests trees. This lead to a disturbed local climate and
the effects are now showing. In the lower altitudes the temperatures are no more strictly temperate which
has lead to almost continuous crop failures for years. Farmers are betting on more and more farm
inputs, which means fewer returns on investment or even negative return on investment.

The predatory nature of local lenders and commission agents can push smaller farmers into debt traps.
The farmer suicides in Maharashtra and Andhra Pradesh are testimonial to this.

At Ecohorts our mission is to take small steps towards
a. Preservation of our eco system through
eco-friendly farming techniques and
b. Reduce per capita dependence on land and encourage
Agro-entrepreneurship . We are trying to achieve this through farmer exchange programs, awareness
drives, free consulting services for Agro-entrepreneurs and farmers, driving public opinion and
engagement with policy makers to influence public policy.

I extend my gratitude to everyone who believed in my vision a few years back when I advocated an
organised effort through this society. A special note of thanks to the scientific community, volunteers and
consultants in India and abroad who continue to support us in our projects.

I will leave you with a thought from Mahatma Gandhi -
"Earth provides enough to satisfy every man's
need, but not every man's greed"
. It seems that it's about time to give something back to mother earth
and make an effort to boost rural employment through Agro-entrepreneurship.

Lakshman Thakur                                         
Post Harvest
Carrying the crop in straw
baskets (Kilta) up and
down the slopes. No
automation in sight.
The mighty Himalayas have nurtured our generations for many centuries and it's not
only the mountain folks who depend upon this fragile eco-system; it is all of us.
Today the snow caps are melting faster due to warmer climate leading to floods.
The rivers may stop flowing once the snow caps melt away leading to draught. The
snow line is receding at an alarming rate.

Environmental scientists are still debating whether we (the mortals) can make a
difference to save planet earth and are we the reason for all the environmental