Our Activities
The Himalayan Eco Horticulture Society (Ecohorts) is dedicated to save the eco system and livelihood of
millions of lives who depend on the fragile eco-system of the hills. The continued effects of climate
change, pesticide abuse and unscientific farm practices have lead us very close to disaster. Our eco
system is showing signs of breakdown and the symptoms are:

a. Frequent crop failures
b. Significant reduction in per unit farm output
c. Receding snow line -large areas of lower altitude apple farmers are completely out of business.    
d. Unemployment.

We offer the following services free of charge through a base of volunteer consultants.

                  Program is aimed at reaching out to the rural farming communities and practicing/ potential
Agro-entrepreneurs in the region by arranging field camps, seminar and knowledge transfer sessions.

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                  Is a online journal cum discussion board. Our consultants post journals on the Blog with an
aim to reach out to a larger audience of farmers, eco-horticulture enthusiasts and scientists. Everyone
can leave their questions and comments and kick off a discussion. We encourage farmers to
send us
their experiences and we will Blog them.
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                  Is a service that our farmers can avail by sending us their queries regarding nutrition, farm
management, post harvest technology, Agro-economics, latest trends etc.

Other activities:

  • Consulting services for Agro-Entrepreneurs: We can arrange free technical support from our
    volunteer experts to improve your management practices and technical processes.
  • Farmer to Farmer exchange programs are a proven medium for successful transfer of ecological
    farm practices. The aim is to exchange ideas and experiences in large groups that leads to
    opening of new communication channels and initiates ongoing interaction between like minded
  • Consulting services for eco-horticulture is aimed at farmers who want to make a gradual move to
    eco-friendly farm practices. We have engaged a full time and many part time volunteer agri-
    scientists who can attend to your needs at a reasonable notice and visit your farm. In addition we
    arrange visits to successful orchards and farms where eco-friendly farm practices have been
    successfully implemented.
  • Community awareness programs/seminars - We engage in initiatives to improve awareness in
    our farming communities towards ecological farming practices, minimizing the use of chemicals/
    pesticides and  encouraging natural predators. We have successfully adopted "global best
    practices" in eco-farming by inviting farmers & experts from leading European countries to
    demonstrate latest and viable trends in temperate farming.
  • Influencing public policy (representations/delegations) We engage actively with policy makers,
    local bodies, procurement agencies and pesticide suppliers to influence public policy. Farming
    communities are encouraged to participate in delegations and representations to Ministry of
    Horticulture, Horticulture/Agricultural research institutions and Directorate of Horticulture  to voice
    the concerns and needs. Regular engagements with the media helps us in communicating and
    building public opinion thus influencing the establishment in adopting best possible farm
  • Organic farm nutrition management planning is an integral part of farming. Our farming practices
    should optimise the value driven from the nutritional components and effects on our eco-system.  
    We can assist you in getting ahead of this game and keep you informed of the best practices.
    Contact us for a farm visit and we can access the nutrient levels, soil type and recommend a
    tailor made solution for your site.
Panghumas Orchards
Shimla Hills, Nandpur, H.P.
INDIA  PIN -171206