How is the fruit set in your area?

a simple survey to gauge the apple fruit set and mood of growers this spring?

1....Which state of India are you from?
  HImachal Pradesh
  North Eastern India
  Southern India

2....What is the name of your district?

3...At what altitude is your orchard or the area?
  Below 5000 feet altitude
  5000 feet to 7000 feet altitude
  7000 feet and above

4.....How is the crop or fruit set? (Please respond with percentage of your orchard's potential or long term average)
  Less than 20% of my orchards average crop
  20% to 50%
  50% to 75%
  75% to 100%
  Bumper - over 100% of average fruit set

5.....Is the crop better than 2013?

6.....Are there any other comments you want to share? Any feedback?