The Foundations of Ecohorts
Ecohorts is a non-profit organisation registered in India under the "Indian Societies Registration Act XXI
1860". The vision behind the creation was to promote sustainable and eco-friendly horticultural
development in the Himalayan region, environmental  conservation and socio-economic upliftment and
empowerment of fellow rural folks.

The Ecohorts Organization
Ecohorts is a group of volunteers led by an eminent farmer, Mr. Lakshman Thakur. Its members include
successful Entrepreneurs,  fruit growers, scientists, researchers and extension workers who have a
commitment and desire to transform the Himalayan region into a world class environmentally responsible
horticultural based industry.
What we do?
We bring together scientists, farming communities, experienced eco-farmers, policy makers and people
who care for the environment to exchange best practices to sustain financially viable and eco-friendly
farming practices in the hills.

We facilitate the following
activities with an endeavour to promote eco friendly farm practices thereby
reducing farm management costs and easing the pressure on our eco system.

Consulting services for eco horticulture and Agro-entrepreneurship.
Farmer to farmer contact programs
Seminars and brain storming sessions with local communities.
Community awareness programs
Organic farm nutrition management
About Ecohorts
Panghumas Orchards
Shimla HIlls, Nandpur, H.P.
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