On popular demand and ease of use for our members and readers, we will publish all news
updates and events on our facebook page with links to this website:
Himalayan Eco Horticulture Society (Ecohorts) is
a non-profit organisation founded in 1999 by a
group of progressive farmers in the Himalayan
foothills of North India. The key objectives of our
initiatives are:
  • To preserve the fragile eco system of
    Himalayan foot hills by adopting eco-
    friendly and sustainable farming
  • To encourage and support Agro-
    Entrepreneurship for a sustainable rural
If you think you can make a difference to the life
of the farming communities and the eco-system
on which we all depend,
contact us:

  • Farmers: We can help you transform the
    way you grow your crops.

  • Volunteers: From all walks of life who
    want to support our shared vision of the
    future of our eco system.

  • Industry: You can support our initiatives
    and demonstrate corporate social

  • NGOs/ Aid Agencies: We can engage
    with you in delivering national/
    international programs.

  • Environmental enthusiasts: You can
    support our initiatives by helping us raise
    funds to finance our initiatives and
    sending us your valuable suggestions.  
Want to make a difference?
To provide our future generations with a fair chance
to cherish and benefit from the eco-system that
sustained our existence for centuries:
  • Sustainable horticulture economy through
    farming with an environmental conscience.
  • Reduced dependence on land through Agro-
    entrepreneurial initiatives, resulting in
    reduced pressure on ecology and increased
    employment for rural population.
The Ecohorts Mission