The “Ecohorts Outreach” program is aimed at reaching out to the farming communities in the region to:

  • Educate farmers and farm workers about practical and economically viable techniques of
    ecological horticulture. Share successes in eco-friendly horticultural practices with fellow
    farmers. Improve Orchard/farm management practices for higher productivity.
  • Gradually move to eco-friendly farm nutrition management by making effective use of local
  • Engage with aspiring and practicing Agro-enterpreneurs and support them with technical
    knowhow from experienced entrepreneurs, Industry experts, Government agencies, NGOs,
    scientists etc.

What can you do?

Contact us if you think one of the following is of interest to you.

  • Field Camp: Our consulting team can arrange camps and interact with farmers or Agro-
    enterpreneurs in your area and exchange best practices and technologies.
  • Farm/Unit Visit: We can visit your farm/Unit and perform a SWOT analysis to suggest ways to
    improve productivity.
  • Seminars: Ecohorts can arrange seminars and brain storming sessions for a wider audience
    on a topic of your choice.
Ecohorts Outreach Program
Panghumas Orchards
Shimla HIlls, Nandpur, H.P.
INDIA  PIN -171206